UZIN is the flagship brand of Uzin Utz AG (Ulm, Germany) and is sold through Uzin Utz North America, Inc., their wholly owned North American subsidiary with corporate offices located in Aurora, CO and manufacturing in Dover, DE and in 2022 Waco, Texas.  Uzin Utz AG was founded in 1911 and the brand UZIN is a vertically integrated manufacturer of product systems designed for the preparation and installation of all types of floor coverings. Its product range includes moisture mitigation products, primers, leveling & patching compounds, floorcovering adhesives and application tools for those products. UZIN’s core values of providing quality, innovative product systems, expert technical support and protection for our contractor partners is the driving force behind our passion for floors.

Full Line of Products Including:

PE460, PE414, PE280, PE260, PE360 Plus, KR518, NC172, NC170, NC110, NC112, NC150, NC157, NC886, NC888, NC890, NC182, KE66, WK222, KE2000S, KR430

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